141010 luexolu
Why did luhan get lays immediate support while Kris got called irresponsible, disappointing and a traitor? ... :(


Just to clarify: since we are talking specifically about yixing, yixing did not call kris irresponsible, disappointing, and a traitor.

I think everyone knows by now that the way kris left was shocking, with clear disregard for exo members. The members said themselves that it came as a shock to them. Furthermore, while nobody blames him for choosing health over the group (because it is the right choice afterall, if his health condition is really bad), he left at a most inconvenient period, without informing his group, and left them scrambling a week before their first concert to clean up the mess he left behind.

Luhan’s health has been deteriorating since a few months ago, and this is apparent to anyone who has paid attention to him. Even fans can see it, so I’m sure the members can. Furthermore, Luhan did not leave exo hanging in the middle of preparations or promotions. He stuck it out until tlp ended. Despite suffering from various things (dehydration in july until his illnesses now), he has never missed a single event other than tlp in thailand, when he probably was feeling very sick. I would say this is a good time for him to leave.

Also, I don’t think luhan left without the members’ knowledge and support. If even fans up and down the entire fandom heard about his termination of contract, I’m pretty sure the members have heard about it. This means he has been negotiating his departure from sm with their knowledge, instead of springing a surprise on them. The members are not unreasonable, they know luhan is sick, and if he wants to leave, they will acknowledge and support his decision (at least, yixing will.)

This is the only time I will talk about this, because I want to clarify things and speak my thoughts at the same time. I really don’t want to enter a debate about this.